The total QInvest fee payable depends on your situation and nature of the advice provided1, 2. Your adviser will discuss fees with you and your payment options at your appointment.

Advice service QInvest service fee Maximum amount that can be deducted from your QSuper account2
QSuper Only No fee n/a
QSuper Essentials $295 up to $295
QSuper Plus $550 up to $550
Comprehensive $1200 up to $550
QInvest Relationship Service $2600 $1000
Implementation Assistance Service3 from $80 n/a
SMSF Advice4 $200 n/a
Non-member partner3 $360 n/a

1. The circumstances when QSuper will not be able to contribute towards the cost of advice include where: (i) you have more than two advice appointments in a financial year; (ii) the advice does not relate to your QSuper benefit; (iii) you require assistance with implementing your advice or require periodic reviews; or (iv) if you have recurring advice needs.

2. The amount eligible to be deducted varies depending on your situation and the nature of advice. The amount may only be deducted from a QSuper Accumulation or Income account and is subject to minimum QSuper account balances being maintained. The deduction from your QSuper account is referred to by QSuper as the 'advice fee'. Your Adviser will be able to discuss this with you.

3. Not available with QSuper Only

4. Available as an add-on advice topic to QSuper Plus