With retirement not too far away, it's time to think more seriously about how you’ll fund your lifestyle once you cut back or finish working. 

We’re all living longer and for most of us, our super alone won’t be enough to sustain us in retirement. QInvest financial advisers can suggest practical strategies for making the most of your savings while making sure you aren’t caught out by the unexpected. 

Our qualified financial advisers can help you: 
  • minimise tax and boost your super in the lead up to retirement
  • work less with a transition to retirement strategy
  • develop a plan for achieving a realistic retirement income
  • understand your appetite for risk
  • protect your assets
It’s particularly important to get advice if you are: 
  • thinking about reducing your working hours
  • buying or selling property1 
  • made redundant 
  • turning 55 
  • refinancing1 
  • receiving an inheritance
  • How much will you need to live on in retirement? 
  • When do you plan to retire? 
  • Are you considering reducing your hours before you retire from the workforce completely? 
  • Is your Will up to date? 
  • Is your superannuation invested appropriately?
Read about how we helped Don and Nancy2 plan for their retirement:

Don and I are both working full-time and we like to live life to the fullest. We decided to see one of the financial advisers at QInvest to find out what we can do to plan our future now that we are getting closer to retirement. One of our biggest concerns is that we won't be debt free when we retire. The adviser recommended I start a transition to retirement pension. As I am over 60, the income payments are tax-free. Both Don and I have also started salary sacrificing super contributions, which allows us to pay less tax as it brings us down to a lower tax bracket. We use a part of my income payments to help clear our debt.
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