With most of the hard work behind you, a QInvest financial adviser can help you stretch your retirement savings, so they last as long as you do. 
Our qualified financial advisers can help you: 
  • access your super 
  • enjoy a regular income in retirement 
  • maximise Government entitlements 
  • protect your assets 
  • plan your estate affairs
It’s particularly important to get advice if you are:
  • considering or embarking on retirement 
  • selling your investment property 
  • changing your family situation 
  • receiving an inheritance
  • What are your plans for the future? 
  • Is your Will up to date? 
  • What budget do you need to support your lifestyle? 
  • Are your savings invested appropriately?
Read about how we helped Peter and Sandy1 in retirement:

I wanted to retire, but I wasn't sure if we would have enough to live on if I did. We met with a Financial Adviser at QInvest who had a look at our goals and retirement income needs. According to her advice, we would have enough to live on if I retired. Sandy will continue to work part-time for another year or so. I used some of my super to contribute to Sandy's super. I started a QSuper Income account with the rest of my super. The Adviser said that in our circumstances it would benefit us to put money into Sandy's super from a Centrelink perspective, as I’ll soon be age pension age in a few months. The regular Income account payments I'm receiving, plus Sandy's income, are providing enough for us to live on.
1. The clients depicted are not real and the case study is used for illustrative purposes only.