Life is full of surprises and change can have a big impact on your plans for the future. At these times the right financial strategy can help you maintain your lifestyle and make the most of whatever life throws your way.
Our qualified financial advisers can help you: 
  • develop pre-retirement and retirement strategies
  • safeguard your income 
  • invest an inheritance or windfall 
  • understand your government entitlements 
  • manage debt
It’s particularly important to get advice if you are: 
  • retiring 
  • having children 
  • going through redundancy 
  • splitting your assets 
  • facing illness 
  • receiving an inheritance 
  • getting a promotion
  • What are your immediate financial concerns?
  • What are your longer terms plans for the future?
  • Is your Will up to date? 
  • What budget do you need to support your lifestyle today?
Read about how we helped Mary and Tom1 when the unexpected occurred:

My mother passed away a few months ago and she left me a bequest. My husband and I did not know what to do with the inheritance. I had heard from a former colleague that as a member of QSuper I had access to financial planning services through QInvest. We met with a QInvest Financial Adviser who helped us plan for the future. We used some of the inheritance to clear debt, start a savings plan for the grandchildren and a large part was contributed to my super. I was told that I could access some of my super if needed as I have retired2.
1. The clients depicted are not real and the case study is used for illustrative purposes only. 2. Accessing your super is determined by preservation or early release conditions being met like permanent retirement after preservation age, invalidity or turning 65. Talk to us about whether this is suitable for you.