Is your super on track for retirement? Are you close to retiring? Looking at future income streams? 

If you need a little more advice about super, retirement and income, our QSuper Plus Advice might be for you. 

QSuper Plus can help you make decisions on the following topics:

  • how you can get the most out of your super
  • how to achieve your retirement goals, including potential Centrelink entitlements
  • review your investment options within superannuation
  • establish and manage Transition to Retirement and Income accounts
  • explain and review personal insurance held within your super accounts
  • arrange super contribution splitting
QSuper contributes to the cost of the appointment for QSuper members when it relates to advice about their QSuper benefit1.
This financial advice service is:
  • provided over the phone
  • available via video call
  • via a face-to-face appointment
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  • Learn about our fees
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  • Prepare for your first meeting
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  • Meet our financial advisers
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1. The amount eligible to be deducted varies depending on your situation and the nature of advice. The amount may only be deducted from a QSuper Accumulation or Income account and is subject to minimum QSuper account balances being maintained. The deduction from your QSuper account is referred to by QSuper as the 'advice fee'. Your Adviser will be able to discuss this with you.