A QInvest LoanFinder mortgage broker takes the hard work out of finding the best home loan deal. We compare hundreds of home loans from Australian banks and building societies to find the one best suited to your needs.

Plus, we return at least 50% of the ongoing monthly commission1 received from the lender, as additional payments to your loan, potentially saving you thousands. Our service is obligation-free.

Hear how our mortgage broking service can help you.

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Why mortgage broking
  • QInvest LoanFinder will help you pay off your loan sooner with great rates and ongoing commission rebates.
  • We handle the paperwork and negotiate with the lender on your behalf.
  • It’s obligation-free.
  • It’s available to QSuper members, their family and friends.
  • We have accredited mortgage brokers.
  • We have access to hundreds of home loan products from our lender panel
  • While rate is important, we also consider other features of the loan.
  •  We offer a reliable service from an organisation you know and trust.

With at least 50% of the ongoing monthly commission1 returned to you as additional payments to your loan, you could save thousands on your loan.

As an example, a member with a $300,000 loan at 6.6% principal and interest over 30 years could save up to $15,500 in interest over the life of the loan. That adds up to owning your home a whole lot sooner.

Most appointments can be conducted over the phone and take around one hour.

During your appointment, one of our QInvest LoanFinder mortgage brokers will discuss with you:

  • the features of the loan you require
  • your financing approach
  • your capacity to borrow
  • what the lending market has to offer.

At the end of your meeting, you'll receive up to three lending options that best suit your needs. Read our What to Expect guide to find out more.

On average, an approval of finance can be achieved within 14 days. Refinances generally require two to four weeks from application.

QInvest LoanFinder mortgage brokers are trained to understand the differences between lenders, which means you'll save time and money. Their experience and industry know-how can help you access the best rates in the market and make applying for a loan easy.

1. The rebate is calculated on the amount of ongoing commission (excluding GST) payable by the lender to QInvest. For some lenders, the rebate applies from year two. Rebate offer not available to GST-registered borrowers.