Robin and Paul, QInvest clients since 2011

“The thought that we could actually now still go ahead and buy a caravan or a car with the potential to continue on in a quite comfortable lifestyle. So we felt very relaxed and very good about the whole business. The advice just rounded everything off for us so that we knew all the ends were tied in and that everything was fine.”

Robin and Ken, QInvest clients since 2005

“The gentleman I spoke to at QInvest explained everything so well I have to admit. I certainly was more relaxed and I was quite energised actually because I felt like I had some control and things were ok and that we were going to be ok and I didn’t have to worry. There was that level of confidence knowing that if you were a little unsure the phone call was there.”

Jeff and Colleen, QInvest clients since 2008

“It really lifts the weight off your shoulders to know that you have money coming in regularly and there is enough there to pay your bills and to socialise a little bit. QInvest was very helpful, very professional and they handled our money very well indeed.”

Read what some of our clients have to say

QInvest clients since 2011 

'Our QInvest financial adviser was fantastic. We were provided with a personal approach and treated like real people. We did not feel anonymous, and it was great to communicate with a real person. After seeing our Adviser we now feel we can start living again – today. Our Adviser provided us with strategies that not only allow us to do the things we'd like now, including some house renovations, but also to set aside funds for later.' Bert and Lynne


QInvest client since 2004 

'My experience with my QInvest financial adviser has been totally positive. My adviser restructured my financial arrangements to achieve the best result for me. I was not confident about finance in general and, in trying to do some things myself, had 'stuffed up'. I am totally satisfied with the outcome of the advice given – it's been a wonderful experience. I now feel much more confident, relaxed and secure about my future.' Peter


QInvest client since 2006

'I used to be worried about living on a fixed income and I also have a mortgage, so didn't feel confident I could do everything I wanted in retirement. My financial adviser came up with some ideas and things to do. I was anxious about having a big mortgage after I left work. Now I will still be able to live well but modestly because of the strategies suggested by my Adviser. It was a relief.' Jill


QInvest client since 2012

'I've been to many financial advisers in the past. After visiting QInvest, for the first time, I felt it was all about me. The outcomes included giving me a sense of understanding and clarity around my financial situation. I was impressed by the quality of the advice and now feel I have a sense of purpose in relation to my financial affairs.' Danny