A little personal financial advice can go a long way. But how do you make sure you’re getting advice that’s right for you, not your adviser’s hip pocket. 

Read our five questions we suggest that you should ask before getting financial advice.

  • Do you get paid for selling me a product? / Do you get any other benefits such as gifts of bonuses?

An adviser may get ‘soft dollar’ benefits such as gifts or freebies for selling you a product. This should all be in the financial services guide so ask them to explain what these are and their value. It’s in your best interest to know if there are any incentives for the adviser to sell you a financial product.

  • How are you paid?

It’s important to understand how much the advice is likely cost. The adviser should outline what will be included in the fees you pay and whether there will be any additional costs for preparing a statement of advice (SOA), implementing the advice, or revisiting the advice in future years if your circumstances change.

  • What are your areas of expertise?

Some financial advisers know more about certain areas than others. Many advisers might not fully understand all aspects of QSuper products, especially our Defined Benefit account. So make sure your adviser is capable of giving you sound, informed advice on all the products in your portfolio.

  • Are you licenced?

It’s important to ensure your financial adviser is authorised to provide financial advice under a current Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL).

  • How long have you been providing financial advice?

You might also want to consider what qualifications your adviser has and, if possible, try and get testimonials from previous clients.