How we can help

How we can help

Enjoy a better retirement

We’ll help set up your income in retirement, and structure your finances and investments, to provide ongoing peace of mind.


How we can help

Grow your super

To help achieve your future financial goals, we’ll guide you on strategies to get your super growing, while minimising the tax you pay.


How we can help

Maximise your entitlements

We’ll help structure your assets and navigate changes in legislation to enable you to maximise any available benefits and minimise tax.


How we can help

Invest in tomorrow

We’ll provide you with access and advice on a wide range of investment options to help grow your money for the years ahead.


How we can help

Protect what’s important

We’ll help work out the best insurance cover to protect you, your family and your income.


How we can help

Be smart with debt

We’ll help you set up strategies to pay your debt off faster, freeing up more of your money to be invested.


Understanding the financial advice process

Our first meeting

During your first appointment, we’ll work together to review your finances and identify your goals. We’ll then discuss the various ways we can help you and any costs if you decided to proceed.

Your financial plan

If, based on the options and costs discussed in our first meeting, you choose to proceed we’ll go ahead and develop your financial plan. We’ll then arrange another meeting to present our recommendations to you.

Ongoing support

Our advisers are available to provide ongoing support and continue to work with you to take the necessary steps to put your financial plan in place.1 If you have any questions, your adviser is always just a phone call away.

Advice on your QSuper account

If you only need advice on your QSuper account, QSuper members have access to professional Super advice over the phone at no additional cost.2

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The cost of your advice depends on your needs. At your first meeting your adviser will identify what may be required and discuss any costs with you before you decide to proceed.

  • No hidden costs – your adviser will give you a clear outline of any costs before you go ahead with the advice.
  • Pay from your super – QSuper members may be able to pay the fee in part or in full from their QSuper account.2

QSuper members: If you need advice on your QSuper account only – you have access to professional advice on your QSuper account at no additional cost you.1

Your adviser will ask you a series of questions to get you thinking about what’s important to you, and what you value most. This in turn will help you develop and prioritise your financial goals. From that point, your adviser will review your current financial situation and identify the ways they can help you work towards achieving your goals. Depending on your needs and situation, your adviser will then determine the scope of advice required, the associated fee, and the benefits you can expect to gain. If you decide to proceed with the suggested scope of advice, your adviser will ask you to provide some additional information and sign some paperwork so we can get started on your financial plan.

Yes. We strongly encourage couples to attend together. That way, we can get a better view on your entire financial picture.

Your adviser will let you know what they’d like you to bring along. Usually this includes things like your ID, payslips and super statements.

Your adviser will create your strategy outline and then work with our panel of specialists to develop your detailed financial plan. When your financial plan is ready, your adviser will arrange a second meeting where they will present the plan to you. Once you're happy with your plan, and with your consent, your adviser can arrange the necessary steps to put your plan into place. We'll prepare the required forms and paperwork and arrange for you to sign them. At this point, you may also choose to establish an ongoing service with your adviser. This means you’ll have continued access to them when needed, and will come back in to review your situation and plan further steps to achieve your financial goals as your life and circumstances change.1

1. Fees may apply. Refer to the Financial Services Guide for more information
2. For Income and Accumulation account members who receive personal financial advice from QInvest, the QSuper Board may pay for some or all the advice fee for advice related to your QSuper benefit. Eligibility conditions apply. Refer to the Financial Services Guide for more information.

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